Shipping Container Prices Will Rise, Availability to Dwindle

Industry news is reporting that shipping container prices are going up in the coming weeks because of global trade slowdown warnings. This means shipping containers are going to get harder to find and prices are on the rise yet again. March volumes projected to have fallen nearly 30% from a year ago, reflected in transpac rates that were stable last week but about 90% lower than a year ago and well below 2019 levels as well. Shipping containers are always in high demand because they are such a great way to create an instant storage solution. Refurbished or used containers are very economical when compared to building a structure out of wood.

Some people call them Conex boxes or Sea Cans. Either way, they’re all basically the same thing. If you want to save tons of money and work, try a shipping container for a quick and easy storage solution on your property. Containers are now being used for creating the bones of new hotels world-wide and for the Tiny Homes market.

With the impending price hikes and availability to fall, getting in early could save you money and headaches.
For more information about prices and availability across the USA, visit this link below or reach out to us.

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