Layaway Offer Ended!

Layaway Frequently Asked Questions


Is Layaway available to all customers?

Our Layaway offer has now ended. Layaway is currently not available to all customers and may not be available on all products. Layaway is also not available for orders shipping outside of the US at this time.

Is Layaway really free?

Yes. There are no interest charges, late fees, sign-up fees, service charges, cancellation fees, or restocking fees for using this payment option.

Can I check to see if I’m eligible for Layaway?

Currently the only way to determine if you are eligible to reserve items with Layaway is to contact us about the product you are interested in. You can call us directly during business hours toll-free at: 1-833-762-7793 or reach out on our Facebook page, or use our contact page here.

Do you perform a credit check before I put an item on Layaway?

No, reserving items on Layaway does not require a credit check.

Do you report to a credit agency if I miss or am late with a Layaway payment?


What items are eligible for purchase with Layaway?

Layaway is available on select products that are shipped and sold by us as your procurement provider. Layaway is not available to every customer and may not be available on all products.

I don’t see Layaway on your site.  Are there other payment plans available?

Eligibility can change based on information relating to product availability among other conditions outside our control. Other payment plans may be available, please contact us at time of purchase for the most current offers and availability.


Where can I find Layaway?

Contact us by phone, email, or even through our Facebook messaging area. Product availability may vary.

Can I purchase items on sale with Layaway?

Yes. Any deals or discounts you see in the price are locked in when you place your Layaway order. Once the Layaway order is placed, the price on your item(s) will not change.

When will the Layaway program be available?

The Layaway program is available year-round, including holidays.


How do I make a purchase with Layaway?

Eligible items may not be labeled ‘Layaway.’ 

  1. Find the item you are interested in purchasing.
  2. Use our traditional contact methods to speak to one of our esteemed agents who will be happy to guide you.
  3. You will be billed 20% of total cost. Proceed to pay your invoice that will be emailed to you, and your item(s) are reserved with the price locked in The remaining balance is automatically charged every 30 days in 4 equal payments. You can prepay your next scheduled payment or pay off your item(s) early for quicker delivery at any time by contacting us.

How do the payments work for Layaway?

Layaway plans can be started with select credit or debit cards and include 5 payments.
• Pay 20% of the total cost today to reserve your items and lock in the price
• The remaining  payments requests are automatically sent to you via invoice for payment every month.
• Taxes and shipping fees (if any) will be charged with your final payment.
You can update your payment method, pay the next scheduled payment early, settle overdue payments, and pay off the remaining balance anytime for earlier delivery. To do so, just contact us using any of our contact methods..

What happens if I miss a scheduled payment?

If payment fails, we will notify you via email and alert you of the unsuccessful payment attempt. If payment is not received before the next scheduled payment, we may automatically cancel the Layaway plan for that item and refund all amounts to the payment method used to make previous payments. We do not charge any fees for overdue or canceled Layaway plans. Please note that you will not be able to start additional Layaway plans if your current plan is overdue. If the outstanding balance is paid prior to the next scheduled payment, the plan will become current and additional purchases can be made with Layaway as you would expect.

Can I change my payment date?

Once you have started your Layaway order, the payment schedule cannot be changed. Payments are automatically billed every month, beginning with the date you place you order. You can prepay your next scheduled payment or pay the full remaining balance at any time.

What if the price changes on my product while I am paying it off?

The price at which you reserved the item is locked for the duration of your Layaway plan and cannot be changed.

Can I extend my Layaway plan?

Usually, No – all Layaway orders must be paid in full within the Layaway time period.

Can I pay off my Layaway plan early?

Yes. At any point you can pay the remaining balance. Once the balance is paid in full, your order will be processed for dispatch shipping and we will contact you 3-4 days priors to expected arrival, at which time we will go over any final details regarding the arrival of your order.

What if I prefer to pay in cash or use a Gift Card balance?

We do not accept cash or gift cards towards your Layaway payment plan at this time.

Can I make payments on my Layaway plan in a store?

No. Layaway payments can only be made online.

How are my payments calculated?

Your Layaway payments are calculated by dividing the total price of the item, excluding tax and shipping fees, into 5 payments. The first payment reserves your item and starts your Layaway plan.


How does shipping work with Layaway?

Standard shipping costs apply and will be charged with the final payment. Once your Layaway order is placed, you may not change the shipping address or delivery address.

How long will it take me to receive the product once I finish paying for it?

As soon as your final payment is received, we will prepare your order for shipment through dispatch and provide you with an estimated delivery time.


Can I return items purchased through Layaway after I receive them?

Our standard return and exchange policies will apply to your Layaway purchase after the items have shipped.

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