Are you scared to use crypto?

With all the bad news spreading around the Bitcoin and crypto world, it definitely caused a large number of consumers to pause in their tracks. Not sure if they should trust the system at all, they opted to cease quite a bit of online shopping. Cryptocurrencies have huge numbers of incredibly loyal fans. The Shiba Inu even has an army. The SHIB army also 10X’d their member count on reddit’s r/SHIBArmy to a million members and growing. But that’s old news now.

Just because cryptocurrency is going through a hard time, that doesn’t mean it’s a complete lost cause. It’s here to stay, it’s just going through the ‘ironing-out’ stage while the feds fix things up to their liking. If you’re a small business owner and your company doesn’t accept crypto currency, you’re gonna fall way, way behind. Are you only planning on being in business for a decade? Then there’s no reason why you should be waiting for your competition to get setup first. Just do your due diligence when dealing with online platforms.

This is gonna happen fast folks. If you’re paying attention behind the curtains like we’re doing, then you know only too well.

Life’s short, drive your business, drive your life, moon your finances!