Decentralized Investing for Americans


Smart Americans know, that spending your money in Mexico and Canada is like getting paid! Ask anyone you know who’s shopped across the border, they’ll talk your ear off about how much more they got for their money!

So why not shop there with with your investments to earn even more? It’s easy to invest your money there with Decentralized Investing. What the heck is decentralized investing? It’s simply making money across borders without long waiting times, and independent of the banking system. Have you heard of Bitcoin or Dogecoin; or cryptocurrency? 

Even your Visa card is shifting to cryptocurrency. In fact, the entire credit card and banking world is switching to this new digital system – and most people have no clue. 


After fees, probably nothing. You can make more money by holding it yourself nowadays, than to leave it sitting in the bank. Imagine 100% to 400% return on your money in a month? 

Be your own bank!

There’s a new way to make your savings work for you. You hold your own money and you call the shots. You never need to hand your money over to a stranger and pray. Contact us if you’re ready to make your money clone itself.